Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mystery Science Storybook Series Grand Re-Launch! Volume 3 is out and Volumes 1 & 2 are BACK IN PRINT!

It has been a very long and emotional journey this past year, filled with some highs and some very low, lows, but at the end of the day it has all been worth it because MYSTERY SCIENCE STORYBOOK Volumes 1 & 2 are BACK IN PRINT, and Volume 3 is AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE PURCHASE!

Without getting into all the details, the Mystery Science Storybook series, which takes bad movies made famous by Mystery Science Theater 3000, RiffTrax and others, and reimagines them as parody bedtime stories, was forced out of print last year due to erroneous copyright infringement claims. After much heartache and conflict, the situation has been resolved the best is can be without going to court, and the series is available for purchase once again, this time with a brand new third volume! To celebrate the series' return, we are offering several purchase options. 

The first, obviously, will be on the Amazon Kindle. Volume 3 and Volume 2 are available as standalone titles for $3.99 each. Unfortunately, because of the accusations raised by the erroneous copyright claim, Volume 1 is still not allowed to be sold on as a standalone. To counter this, however, we have made a combined version of Volumes 1 & 2 available as an Amazon exclusive for $5.99, saving you two dollars if you had bought each of those volumes separately!

But you can also get both Kindle AND PDF files for each of the three volumes on! Same low price as Amazon, but you get BOTH Kindle and PDF files, enabling you to read all three volumes on any device you wish! 

Then, of course, we have the standard full color paperback editions available for all three volumes for only $15 each! But we also have 2017 special autographed editions available for purchase until August 30, 2017! Special edition autographed hardcovers are $40 each and special edition autographed paperbacks are $20. This will be your only chance this year to get hardcover copies of any of these books this because, as always, standard hardcover edition will not be offered to keep the special editions special. These special editions will ship in September 2017! All pre-orders for August are still scheduled to ship on time! 

Place your orders below! This has been a long time coming and I can't thank everybody enough for sticking by and believing me during the past year, I'll never forget it. Now marks a new day for this project, one where we can move on without fear and keep this crazy dream alive! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! Onward!

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Storybook (Volume 3)
Amazon Kindle - $3.99
Paperback - $15.00

Night of the Living Storybook (Volume 2)
Amazon Kindle - $3.99
Paperback - $15.00

Mystery Science Storybook (Volume 1)
Paperback - $15.00

The Return of the Revenge of the Storybook (Volume 1 & 2 Combo)
Amazon Kindle - $5.99

2017 Special Editions (Ships in September 2017, Last Day to Order 8/30/2017)


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