Thursday, August 17, 2017

Welcome Back RiffTrax Live-ers for the 10th Time!

Greetings RiffTraxians and Doctor Who fans! If you're here tonight, it most likely means you indulged in the digital goodies section of RiffTrax Live: Doctor Who, The Five Doctors! If not, there's an encore performance on August 24.

If you liked the show and enjoyed the comics in the digital goodies, be sure to check out the Storybook series in it's entirety! You can read all chapters for free here on, or you can buy physical and digital copies using the links immediately to the right of this post!

You can also order 2017 autographed special editions of these books if that's your thing. Last day to order them is 8/31/17, to keep them special, you see. This is also the only chance you'll have to order hardcover editions, as they are not available during any other time. All special editions purchased in August ship in September, and don't worry if you placed a pre-order for August delivery, those will be in your hands very, very soon.


You may also want to consider become a Patreon subscriber so we can keep the series going. Art takes time and money to make, and even a $2 recurring donation will help out a bundle.

I want to thank everybody at RiffTrax once again for being so supportive of me, Storybook and the RiffWiki and allowing me to contribute to the Live Shows in this way. This is the 10th RiffTrax Live show I have contributed to, it means a lot and I am always very grateful. Thanks to everybody who went to the show tonight and I hope you'll stick around for more Storybook action, as Volume 4 has already begun development! Thanks again for visiting!

P.S. For all you n00bs, here's a short video all about the Storybook series...

Future Fried Chicken: A Parody of "Future Force"

Behold, Future Fried Chicken: A Parody of "Future Force!" This chapter is part of Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Storybook: Mystery Science Storybook Volume 3.

Please consider supporting the production of brand new full chapters by visiting our Patreon page. Artists like me depend of the support of the reader to keep the whole thing going, so the more donors, the more comics I can bring to you absolutely free!

Prince of Booth C-35: A Parody of "Prince of Space"

Behold, Prince of Booth C-35: A Parody of "Prince of Space!" This chapter is part of Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Storybook: Mystery Science Storybook Volume 3.

Please consider supporting the production of brand new full chapters by visiting our Patreon page. Artists like me depend of the support of the reader to keep the whole thing going, so the more donors, the more comics I can bring to you absolutely free!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mystery Science Storybook Series Grand Re-Launch! Volume 3 is out and Volumes 1 & 2 are BACK IN PRINT!

It has been a very long and emotional journey this past year, filled with some highs and some very low, lows, but at the end of the day it has all been worth it because MYSTERY SCIENCE STORYBOOK Volumes 1 & 2 are BACK IN PRINT, and Volume 3 is AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE PURCHASE!

Without getting into all the details, the Mystery Science Storybook series, which takes bad movies made famous by Mystery Science Theater 3000, RiffTrax and others, and reimagines them as parody bedtime stories, was forced out of print last year due to erroneous copyright infringement claims. After much heartache and conflict, the situation has been resolved the best is can be without going to court, and the series is available for purchase once again, this time with a brand new third volume! To celebrate the series' return, we are offering several purchase options. 

The first, obviously, will be on the Amazon Kindle. Volume 3 and Volume 2 are available as standalone titles for $3.99 each. Unfortunately, because of the accusations raised by the erroneous copyright claim, Volume 1 is still not allowed to be sold on as a standalone. To counter this, however, we have made a combined version of Volumes 1 & 2 available as an Amazon exclusive for $5.99, saving you two dollars if you had bought each of those volumes separately!

But you can also get both Kindle AND PDF files for each of the three volumes on! Same low price as Amazon, but you get BOTH Kindle and PDF files, enabling you to read all three volumes on any device you wish! 

Then, of course, we have the standard full color paperback editions available for all three volumes for only $15 each! But we also have 2017 special autographed editions available for purchase until August 30, 2017! Special edition autographed hardcovers are $40 each and special edition autographed paperbacks are $20. This will be your only chance this year to get hardcover copies of any of these books this because, as always, standard hardcover edition will not be offered to keep the special editions special. These special editions will ship in September 2017! All pre-orders for August are still scheduled to ship on time! 

Place your orders below! This has been a long time coming and I can't thank everybody enough for sticking by and believing me during the past year, I'll never forget it. Now marks a new day for this project, one where we can move on without fear and keep this crazy dream alive! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! Onward!

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Storybook (Volume 3)
Amazon Kindle - $3.99
Paperback - $15.00

Night of the Living Storybook (Volume 2)
Amazon Kindle - $3.99
Paperback - $15.00

Mystery Science Storybook (Volume 1)
Paperback - $15.00

The Return of the Revenge of the Storybook (Volume 1 & 2 Combo)
Amazon Kindle - $5.99

2017 Special Editions (Ships in September 2017, Last Day to Order 8/30/2017)


Monday, August 7, 2017

Take a Stand Against Bullying and Censorship! Show Support for Rick Harper and #RoomFullofSpoons

Ladies and gentlemen, censorship via bullying is a very real problem these days. If somebody doesn't like what somebody else is saying or trying to say, all they have to do use bully tactics that are extremely difficult to combat and it's almost impossible to regain any momentum you had, and you are even afraid to speak out against the person who did it out of fear they will do it again.  My recent experience with Birdemic director James Nguyen proved to me that losing your rightful freedom of expression and, in turn, your emotional and financial well being, is something you absolutely do not want happening to you.

Rick Harper has created an amazing documentary called Room Full of Spoons about the making of the cult movie The Room, and the long guarded background of it's creator, Tommy Wiseau. Since the project's inception, it has been plagued with bully and legal tactics to keep him from making and releasing his movie, which he has absolutely every right to make. The latest chapter in all of this is a court injunction in Ontario which essentially cripples Harper's project from progressing. The movie is finished, but they cannot move on it until all this is settled. My purpose today is to express how very angry I am that things like this are allowed to happen.

This is a time when we need to stand up and say THIS IS CENSORSHIP! THIS IS BULLYING! AND THIS IS NOT OKAY! We need to stand up and declare these things loudly. We need to tell people who engage in these tactics that they are taking a sledgehammer to one of the corners of modern civilization; FREE SPEECH! 

I have personally seen this film, which is why I am asking everybody to please show support for this film and it's creator! Let him know that we believe in him and that we are DEMANDING that this documentary be released. Let those who are opposing him know that they cannot do these things and not suffer the consequences from consumers! PLEASE TAKE TO SOCIAL MEDIA WITH THE HASHTAG #ROOMFULLOFSPOONS TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR RICK HARPER AND HIS DOCUMENTARY! Let him know we believe in him and his cause! The world deserves to hear what he has to say, and he has every right on this planet to say it!