Monday, March 13, 2017

New Perks for the Storybook Patreon!

Real talk, guys? It's time for me to get serious about this Patreon business. The project needs a continued flow of income if the series is to keep going. Being an independent comics creator doesn't exactly pay well, and I gotta keep the bills paid and keep eating, and to do that I need to raise the incoming donation amount significantly. To that end, I have decided to add some perks to the reward tiers that are simple to create and deliver and that donors may actually be interested in having, even if they don't donate as much as others.

First off, every single person who becomes a contributor will be drawn into the “class photo” of the upcoming third volume, “Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Storybook?” I did this for $10 donators from the MST3K Facebook group Deep 13, but now I am offering it to anybody who becomes even a $1/month contributor. You will be drawn in the Storybook style and put among the other donors when all 12 chapters are finally collected for Volume 3. The following are what you can get at different levels, and they are also integrated into the existing reward tiers.
  • $1 or more - You will get a single entry (meaning only you) your head and face custom drawn, but in the class photo you will wear one of the default outfits I design especially for this page.
  • $10 or more - You can have up to three entries (meaning you and two other people you select,) and they will wear the default outfits.
  • $25 or more - You can have up to five entries, and I will draw custom outfits for each and every one of them.
  • $50 or more - For your extreme generosity, you get up to ten entries, all with custom outfits and they will have their own exclusive “class photo” page.
I will also make all custom characters available to the donor as social media icons upon special request, meaning if you ask me to send it to you in the dimensions for a Facebook or Twitter profile pic, I will be more than happy to do that for you.

Also, anybody who donates $10/month or more get a special “character prompt” every month, starting now. What this means is that you can request one customer character (from popular culture or real life) per month and I will draw it for you. Again, it can be also be used as a Facebook or Twitter profile pic if you so request. The number you can request will go up with each tier. Here's the breakdown for that...
  • $10 or more - 1 character prompt
  • $25 or more - 3 character prompts
  • $50 or more - 5 character prompts
So, when all is said and done, if you become a patron, you will have a lot of custom Storybook art coming your way. The class photo characters, however, are only good for one and do not reset every month, whereas the character prompts will. In total, this is what you can expect in addition to the perks that already exist...
  • $1 or more - 1 class photo character (non-recurring)
  • $10 or more - 3 class photo characters (non-recurring) and 1 character prompt (recurring)
  • $25 or more - 5 class photo characters (non-recurring) and 3 character prompts (recurring)
  • $50 or more - Up to 10 class photo characters and your own class photo page in the finished book (non-recurring) and up to 5 character prompts (recurring)
I retain the right to use any of the characters I draw for character prompts as cameos or whatever else within story content, but if I decide to do this you will be credited as the person who inspired the drawing.

So this is just an added incentive so we can get some new patrons, but we will also be rewarding existing patrons with these perks immediately. I will be sending out the request forms shortly. Again, thanks for indulging me and let's see if we can't get that number up to at least $300. After we hit that, I will start adding even more perks. I can't do this without you guys. Thanks for believing in me and in the project.

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