Friday, February 26, 2016

Film Crew February at RiffTrax!

This past month, something awesome has been happening at down at RiffTrax. The second month of 2016 has been officially dubbed “Film Crew February.” Now what the hell is The Film Crew? Well, that's what makes it interesting and awesome that these things are finally seeing the light of day. In 2006, near the beginning of the existence of RiffTrax, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett hosted a riffing show for Rhino Entertainment called “The Film Crew.” The premise was the the three of them worked together for an off screen character called “Bob Honcho” who paid them to provide commentary for films he liked that had no such commentary. The three of them would don headsets and the movie would play. And, like MST3K and unlike RiffTrax, there were extended off-movie skits and sketches that elaborate on and build the fictional world of TFC. The movies riffed were...

Hollywood After Dark, an exploitation film starring Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan.

Killers from Space, a science fiction film starring Peter Graves.

The Wild Women of Wongo, a very strange island tribal flick.

Giant of Marathon, a foreign sword-and-sandal film based on the Battle of Marathon.

Only these four episodes were produced and production of new episodes ceased when, as the legend goes, Jim Mallon of Best Brains, the then-owner of Mystery Science Theater 3000, threatened to pull future releases of the cult television show from the distributor unless they unceremoniously dumped Mike, Kevin and Bill. He claimed that the concept was too similar to MST3K, what with three guys (the same three actors from the Sci-Fi era, no less) watching and riffing bad movies at the behest of an off-location authority figure. Why he thought The Film Crew was any threat to the sales of MST3K, we'll never know, but being without a DVD distributor, the death knell of digital projects before the advent of widespread and cheap online streaming, TFC was essentially dead.

Three of the four episodes have been previously released on Hulu, and if you were lucky you could find used copies of all four DVDs from different sellers on Amazon. But now, presumably connected with the sale of MST3K to Joel Hodgson and the sale of classic episodes on, The four lost Film Crew gems are now taking their rightful place as part of the RiffTrax catalog! My personal favorite is Wild Women of Wongo, but they're all great and you can pick them up at RiffTrax through the links below!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Penultimate Let's Riff for Resident Evil on ICWXP!

And guess who gets an in-content shoutout at 30:45! GO ON GUESS! 

 And the alternate thumbnail art from yours truly.

You should definitely consider supporting these dude on Patreon! They are funny and really hardworking and deserve to keep going. So help them out, why not?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Service: Get Yourself Storybook-ized!

A lot of people have expressed interest in a service such as this one, so I finally decided to make it available. Here's how it'll work:
1. You purchase one of the packages above through PayPal, make sure the account's email is one you check regularly because that is where I will be contacting you.

2. I'll send you an email and ask you for various images I will need to create your avatar/portrait. You send them to me and I'll provide an estimate as to when your art will be completed, hopefully the longest wait time will be a week, depending on demand.

3. I draw it up, send it to you, and you can send back any notes or changes that you'd like and I will apply them. The final files will include both screen and high def print resolution versions of your purchase.

So, if this is something you'd like to have, all you gotta do is hit the PayPal button below and make the purchase. I will usually respond to a purchase within an hour or so after it is made.