Sunday, August 28, 2016

UPDATE: Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

For everybody who has supporting me in this whole Birdemic vs. Storybook ordeal, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The support of my friends and fans has gotten me through what one could consider a very rough and emotional time. Here's some of the coverage in other outlets we got, if you're not included, send me an email and I'll be sure to update this list.
I know a lot of people have suggested that I take counter-legal measures against James Nguyen for causing me all this trouble, which sounds like fun, but quite frankly, probably wouldn't even be worth it. I am therefore playing my "Moving On!" card and taking my business away from Amazon, who have made it clear to me that they have no intentions of even considering my side of the story and will not be putting the digital versions of Mystery Science Storybook back up for sale. Instead, you will now be able to purchase digital versions of both Mystery Science and Night of the Living Storybook on! Links on this website will be changed to reflect the new digital home of the Storybook series.

I know many of you may be saying "why are you putting them back up for sale so soon? He'll just issue DMCA notices to Gumroad!" Perhaps, but please remember that I have done nothing wrong! Mystery Science Storybook is my intellectual property and I have a right to sell it! I doubt Mr. Nguyen is even still paying attention to me at this point, but in case he is, I'd like to publicly state that I am doubling down on my right to sell Storybook in it's entirety, and that includes the parody chapter "Attack of the Birds." You don't own my work, Mr. Nguyen, and you never will! If you want to keep harassing me, I guess that's a road we'll have to go down together, but you will eventually lose! So how about we just go our separate ways now, what do you say?

In any case, to use a cliche that I don't entirely know from where it originates, I will never give up and I will never surrender. Mystery Science Storybook is back up for sale, and I am very glad that, for as far as I'm concerned, is in my rear view mirror.

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