Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Service: Get Yourself Storybook-ized!

A lot of people have expressed interest in a service such as this one, so I finally decided to make it available. Here's how it'll work:
1. You purchase one of the packages above through PayPal, make sure the account's email is one you check regularly because that is where I will be contacting you.

2. I'll send you an email and ask you for various images I will need to create your avatar/portrait. You send them to me and I'll provide an estimate as to when your art will be completed, hopefully the longest wait time will be a week, depending on demand.

3. I draw it up, send it to you, and you can send back any notes or changes that you'd like and I will apply them. The final files will include both screen and high def print resolution versions of your purchase.

So, if this is something you'd like to have, all you gotta do is hit the PayPal button below and make the purchase. I will usually respond to a purchase within an hour or so after it is made.


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