Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MST3K Revival and the Future of the Storybook Series

So, like many MSTies, I woke up this morning to the news that Joel Hodgson is relaunching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with an all new cast and a highly ambitious Kickstarter campaign.

Now, obviously, I couldn't be happier that Joel is reviving the best show in the history of television for a new generation to enjoy. But it has raised some issues in regards to the Mystery Science Storybook series (yes, there will be another one,) particularly with the title of the series and/or forthcoming volumes. Before any problems arise, I have decided to announce that further books in the series will not be titled "Mystery Science Storybook" out of respect for Joel and all who are working on the new show. The original book will continue to keep it's original title, but I simply don't feel comfortable with publishing an entire series that bears, in part, the name of an active franchise. Not only would it be in poor taste for me to do so, it would open me up to legal problems that I just don't want to deal with.

So from here on out, new Storybook volumes will be styled thusly "[Whatever] [Whatever] Storybook." But don't worry, the basic premise of doing bedtime tales based on the worst movies ever, and drawing from the MST3K and RiffTrax libraries for inspiration, remains unchanged. In fact, this gives us the opportunity to try some different things with the series that maybe we wouldn't be able to do before because of the title. But one step at a time...

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