Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Night of the Living Storybook: No Movie is Safe, All Movies Must Die!

From the world of Mystery Science Storybook comes an all new volume of parodies based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Batman & Robin, House on Haunted Hill, Incognito Cinema Warriors XP, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, The Wizard, Little Shop of Horrors, Titanic and More!

"Mystery Science Storybook takes scenes from some of the cheesy films made famous by RiffTrax and Mystery Science Theater 3000 and reimagines them as bedtime stories. It's a graphic novel that puts a new spin on cult classics like Birdemic and "Manos" The Hands of Fate that's perfect for bad movie fans of all ages!" - RiffTrax.com

“[Mystery Science Storybook is] almost certainly what eyes and the English language were invented for. Buy a copy for your friend! Buy a copy for your enemy, who will then read it, love it, and become your friend, too. I'm not saying this book is the key to world peace, but isn't that too big a chance not to take?” - Matthew J. Elliott, RiffTrax Presents

"Before you is a veritable MSTie's playground with hilarious merry-go-rounds that will hurl you right into funny town. This love letter to all things riffing is a gift to the movie mockery community at large!" - Rikk Wolf, Incognito Cinema Warriors XP

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Welcome RiffTrax Live-ers!

Hello once again, friends! It is I, Sugar Ray Dodge. You may know me from the internet. If you're showing up here tonight, you're most likely here from the Digital Goodies page of RiffTrax Live: Time Chasers! I hope you enjoyed the show, and I hope even more that you downloaded both my graphic novels, Mystery Science Storybook and Night of the Living Storybook, absolutely free! If you happen to like what you see, please consider heading over to Amazon and leaving a review for one or both of them. I would very much like to continue the series online, and to that end I have set up a Patreon account to help cover some of the expenses associated with that. [/sales pitch]

I want to thank my friends at RiffTrax for once again allowing me to contribute to the live shows, and to everybody who went, saw, downloaded and came here after. RiffTrax Live nights are always the most fun nights of the year and it's an awesome thing to get to be a part of. See you next time!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SRD's Movie Night #6: Star Trek Insurrection

Dave and is horrible podcast co-host Chris Roberts take on the third installment of the Star Trek: The Next Generation film franchise, Insurrection! Get ready for haystacks; show-tunes; stretchy-face guys; long, ground-based, small-town evacuations; and all the other exciting things the Star Trek universe is known for in the sixth episode of SRD’s Movie Night!

Listen to Dave discuss the Netflix hit House of Cards on the thirteenth episode of is horrible

Friday, March 4, 2016

SRD's Movie Night #5: The Devil's Advocate

In this very special edition of SRD’s Movie Night, all three main hosts from the old ISPN Media — and the new is.media — reunite for the reunion show DOZENS of people have been waiting eight long years for! Vinny Ferrari and Chris Roberts join SRD for The Devil’s Advocate!

Check out Chris and Vincent’s podcast, also from is.media, is horrible.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Film Crew February at RiffTrax!

This past month, something awesome has been happening at down at RiffTrax. The second month of 2016 has been officially dubbed “Film Crew February.” Now what the hell is The Film Crew? Well, that's what makes it interesting and awesome that these things are finally seeing the light of day. In 2006, near the beginning of the existence of RiffTrax, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett hosted a riffing show for Rhino Entertainment called “The Film Crew.” The premise was the the three of them worked together for an off screen character called “Bob Honcho” who paid them to provide commentary for films he liked that had no such commentary. The three of them would don headsets and the movie would play. And, like MST3K and unlike RiffTrax, there were extended off-movie skits and sketches that elaborate on and build the fictional world of TFC. The movies riffed were...

Hollywood After Dark, an exploitation film starring Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan.

Killers from Space, a science fiction film starring Peter Graves.

The Wild Women of Wongo, a very strange island tribal flick.

Giant of Marathon, a foreign sword-and-sandal film based on the Battle of Marathon.

Only these four episodes were produced and production of new episodes ceased when, as the legend goes, Jim Mallon of Best Brains, the then-owner of Mystery Science Theater 3000, threatened to pull future releases of the cult television show from the distributor unless they unceremoniously dumped Mike, Kevin and Bill. He claimed that the concept was too similar to MST3K, what with three guys (the same three actors from the Sci-Fi era, no less) watching and riffing bad movies at the behest of an off-location authority figure. Why he thought The Film Crew was any threat to the sales of MST3K, we'll never know, but being without a DVD distributor, the death knell of digital projects before the advent of widespread and cheap online streaming, TFC was essentially dead.

Three of the four episodes have been previously released on Hulu, and if you were lucky you could find used copies of all four DVDs from different sellers on Amazon. But now, presumably connected with the sale of MST3K to Joel Hodgson and the sale of classic episodes on RiffTrax.com, The four lost Film Crew gems are now taking their rightful place as part of the RiffTrax catalog! My personal favorite is Wild Women of Wongo, but they're all great and you can pick them up at RiffTrax through the links below!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Penultimate Let's Riff for Resident Evil on ICWXP!

And guess who gets an in-content shoutout at 30:45! GO ON GUESS! 

 And the alternate thumbnail art from yours truly.

You should definitely consider supporting these dude on Patreon! They are funny and really hardworking and deserve to keep going. So help them out, why not?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Spoonful of Power: A Parody of Mary Poppins and The Wizard

Behold Spoonful of Power: A Parody of Mary Poppins and The Wizard! This chapter is part of Night of the Living Storybook, Part Two: All Movie Must Die!

Please consider supporting the production of brand new full chapters by visiting our Patreon page. Artists like me depend of the support of the reader to keep the whole thing going, so the more donors, the more comics I can bring to you absolutely free! All 18 Storybook Chapters are being published free this month on SugarRayDodge.com to raise awareness! Please share this free chapter with your friends and other comic lovers!