Thursday, June 14, 2018

Welcome RiffTraxians! So glad to see you again!

The time is upon us again! RiffTrax Live: Space Mutiny has concluded its initial airing, but if you missed it, don't worry, there will be an encore on Tuesday.

If you're here and don't know what I'm talking about, since 2015 I have been contributing Mystery Science Storybook content to the digital goodies. If you haven't gotten your goodies yet, head over to the url they provided during the show for an exclusive Storybook collection.
You can purchase digital copies using the links in the right column, or you can read the whole series for free right here on the website! You can also help keep the series going by becoming a Patreon subscriber!

While this is far from my first rodeo at RiffTrax Live, I am still so very happy I was able to contribute to the show. I want thank everybody at RiffTrax for having me again. And tonight is especially awesome on another level, at least for me personally, as our friends from Incognito Cinema Warriors XP, Rikk Wolf and Nick Evans, had their Soapy-themed song featured during the pre-show slides. I am so proud of everybody at RiffTrax, ICWXP and everybody else who contributes to the show that a night like this are able to happen. I feel like a member of an amazing extended family and I genuinely love every member of it.

Can't wait for Krull!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Welcome Back RiffTrax Live-ers for the 10th Time!

Greetings RiffTraxians and Doctor Who fans! If you're here tonight, it most likely means you indulged in the digital goodies section of RiffTrax Live: Doctor Who, The Five Doctors! If not, there's an encore performance on August 24.

If you liked the show and enjoyed the comics in the digital goodies, be sure to check out the Storybook series in it's entirety! You can read all chapters for free here on, or you can buy physical and digital copies using the links immediately to the right of this post!

You can also order 2017 autographed special editions of these books if that's your thing. Last day to order them is 8/31/17, to keep them special, you see. This is also the only chance you'll have to order hardcover editions, as they are not available during any other time. All special editions purchased in August ship in September, and don't worry if you placed a pre-order for August delivery, those will be in your hands very, very soon.


You may also want to consider become a Patreon subscriber so we can keep the series going. Art takes time and money to make, and even a $2 recurring donation will help out a bundle.

I want to thank everybody at RiffTrax once again for being so supportive of me, Storybook and the RiffWiki and allowing me to contribute to the Live Shows in this way. This is the 10th RiffTrax Live show I have contributed to, it means a lot and I am always very grateful. Thanks to everybody who went to the show tonight and I hope you'll stick around for more Storybook action, as Volume 4 has already begun development! Thanks again for visiting!

P.S. For all you n00bs, here's a short video all about the Storybook series...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Check Out the RiffTrax Live: Summer Shorts Beach Party Digital Goodies Page for Guardiana's Guide to Summer Safety!

Welcome once again to the audience of RiffTrax Live! If you're here, you probably followed the link from the Digital Goodies page where you can download Guardiana's Guide to Summer Safety, but if you haven't we're still happy to have you, sort of. This is the 9th live show in a row RiffTrax has done me the honor of allowing me to contribute to the show in this way. It is truly always such a thrill to come back and share what I can with the audience.

If you like what you saw in GG2SS, you can pre-order a copy of the book it will be collected with, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Storybook, the third volume of the Mystery Science Storybook series. You can also pre-order special editions of volumes 1 & 2 if you do not already have them, ALL BOOKS WILL SHIP IN AUGUST 2017!


You can also help out the cause by becoming a recurring Patreon contributor, details here. [/shill] If you missed tonight's show, there is an encore presentation next week. Thanks for coming!